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Our Container and their stories October 30, 2019

Not only behind the containerized Hotel WineBox Valparaiso stands a history, no – every single container has a history. Imagine, each container lays about 576.604 kilometers / year and is nee...

Enjoy su(stainable)per delicious Coffee on our Terrace October 30, 2019

Our breakfast is not for nothing the best in Valparaiso. Because of our new coffee partner Artisan Roast Chile, your breakfast is really complete.

Wine & Graffiti Festival 2018 October 23, 2019

The Hotel WineBox initiated the first ever Wine & Graffiti Festival in November 2018.

From 16-17 November 2018, 20 ...

Cerro Mariposa October 03, 2019

Feel like a porteño.

Why should you build a hotel in a non-tourist area? Exactly for this reason and many more.

We will show you the reasons why our location is the perfect choice for...

B certified Companies September 11, 2019

A certification for the whole environment.

Who wouldn’t want that, an award for the all-round condition of their own company?

And that is precisely the task of B Labs. They do n...