B certified Companies
September 11, 2019

A certification for the whole environment.

Who wouldn’t want that, an award for the all-round condition of their own company?

And that is precisely the task of B Labs. They do not only measure the profit or the number of customers, no, they measure the whole company including the environment and the employees. In addition, correlations to important aspects such as the environment are also checked.

For example, the impact of the infrastructure of our hotel (made from recycled containers) on the sustainability of our planet. Another great aspect that B Labs is looking at is the satisfaction of a company’s employees. What is often not talked about, but what makes our entire hotel run at all, is our hard-working employees. If this is the case with us, it is not far, to assume that it is the case with all other companies. So it makes sense to check satisfaction. The award is even more important, because it also serves to continuously improve the company process.

Companies with the award of this B-label are measured by much more than just the numbers. This modern award gives companies the real value that contributes to our environment and determines the people behind the numbers.

The B Labs were originally founded in the USA and are now spread all over the world.

For more information on B Company Certification, visit the B Labs website.