Cerro Mariposa
October 03, 2019

Feel like a porteño.

Why should you build a hotel in a non-tourist area? Exactly for this reason and many more.

We will show you the reasons why our location is the perfect choice for your stay in Valparaiso.

  1. Our view

Valparaiso has 42 hills and we, on the Cerro Mariposa, are right in the middle. The view from our WineBox reaches from Valparaiso and Viña del Mar to the sea. It leaves nothing to be desired.

You can enjoy this view either from our terrace, our Rooftop Bar or from your room. Each of our 21 accommodations has a breathtaking view.


  1. Fast everywhere

We are neither on the Cerro Alegre, nor directly at the sea, nevertheless we have the best starting point to reach all of it. The distances to the most popular destinations in Valparaiso can be found on our Mainpage in the section “Location”.

In addition, the road where the WineBox is located leads directly to “La Sebastiana”, one of the houses of Pablo Neruda and its museum.

We are currently working on the artistic upgrading so that the street will not only remain a “street to Pablo Neruda´s house” but will also become a popular way. Through artistic realizations of artists from all over the world, the street becomes colorful and cheerful. Enjoy in the future not only your goal destinations, but also the way to there.


  1. Feel at home as a visitor

You are on holiday, on a business trip or just passing through Valparaiso. Whatever your reason for staying, we want you to experience the best of everything in Valparaiso.

As visitors, we usually want to settle in quickly and get to know the culture of the country we are in.

As the WineBox is not located in the tourist zone, but in a neighborhood of Valparaiso, through the Cerro Mariposa, the hotel is at the perfect place to get to know the real life in Valpo.


  1. Shhh..!

Because the neighborhood we are in is quiet. You can relax and enjoy your peace in every corner. If you’re not looking for peace and quiet, but entertainment, you will find the quivering nightlife close by.

You see the Cerro Mariposa is the perfect place for your stay in Valparaiso and covers all your needs.