We choose our environment
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
If the basic structure of our hotel already consists of recycled shipping containers, why not all the utensils used in or on them? Camila and Grant have always tried to reuse or recycle their used goods. With this in mind, they also created the hotel. Bathtubs, taverns and barrels were and are turned into chairs and pallets and old pieces of wood, in tables. Old wine bottles serve as lamps and the kitchens are equipped with used fruit crates that serve as shelves. The 4000 pallets are even rescued from the fire. If they had not been recycled by the WineBox Valparaiso, they would have been burned from its previous owner. Other projects consist of filtering and reusing wasted water and relying on oil, which is obtained from the residues of the coffee beans. As soon as the implementation plans are ready, we will report more on our blog. Old becomes new and even the visual aspect is inviting. The two have created a hotel that is 70% made of recycled materials and a pleasant place to spend a few nights in in a cozy atmosphere.

How we can all contribute to our environment

The word “recycling” means the reuse of raw materials. But what does that mean for each of us? That’s exactly what it means. Because what we call garbage every day, contains a lot of raw materials and materials that can be reused or recycled.

This is why, waste separation is so important. In this way these very raw materials can be filtered out and recycled. For example, old wine bottles are melted down and new ones created from them. And the aluminum from old beer cans becomes part of the auto vehicles. So if we separate properly, almost all our waste can be given a new life.

I would like to comment briefly on the word “almost”. Unfortunately, despite recycling, over 40% of the waste is incinerated uncontrolled because the materials in it cannot be reused or have been incorrectly separated. This combustion releases a lot of fine dust, mercury and harmful hydrocarbons. However, we do not only harm ourselves and our fellow human beings with these burns. We pollute plants and the land and lungs of animals.

That makes us all responsible for the correct separation of our waste. It would make even more sense to avoid creating so much waste in the first place and to rely on our own recycling.