Social Responsibility
With us as an election, benefits whole Valparaiso
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That’s where we start. We are committed to the environment, so why not directly help the people closest to us – the Porteños. The WineBox Valparaiso projects go beyond the recycled sofas and tables. Read on and learn more about the upcoming projects of the WineBox Valparaiso.

English Courses

Our world always spins at the same speed, but what changes are the times. Communication has become extremely important over the years. This is how we connect, get to know new cultures and can communicate. Spanish is the second most spoken language, but the world language is without discussion: English. And that’s exactly where the WineBox Valparaiso comes in. We want to give the Porteños the chance to learn English in the future through native English-speaking teachers. 

The WineBox Valparaiso provides the premises and the teachers and interested people of all ages with the opportunity to attend English courses at any level. 

The idea has been born. The fine-tuning is still missing and then it can start.

Learn English in no time and improve your chances on the job market!

As soon as the whole organisation is up and running, we will inform you about our website and the social media.


Porteños in the WineBox Valparaiso

The WineBox Valparaiso is a permanent project. There is always something to recycle and new ideas to implement. This means that there are always new jobs to be filled by the people living in Valparaiso.

We want to give the Porteños the chance to contribute to our project with new ideas and to provide them with more jobs.


Support the artists

Valparaiso is known for its many artists. It is the city that inspired Pablo Neruda to buy a house in it and hundreds of street artists find their way to the colourful city. 

It is a beautiful city that hides many treasures, especially on the walls of houses. The only thing that is unfortunately not guaranteed is the possibility of an income for these artists. 

Hours are invested in the works of art, often without even seeing a peso. 

The WineBox Valparaiso is also decorated with many works of art, such as some by the artist “Unkolordistinto”.

The future project, however, is to go beyond the Winebox Valparaiso and provide financial support even to artists who may not yet have been able to paint huge house walls. 

The idea is to create a gallery from the works of various artists from Valparaiso. The gallery should be a sight representing Valparaiso’s art scene. It can be visited and it is also possible to buy works that appeal to you directly.

There are talents in Valparaiso who finally want to be discovered and should be.

Hotel WineBox Valparaiso supports artists