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Hotel WineBox Valparaiso - Your perfect choice
The Hotel WineBox Valparaiso is located in the neighborhood "Cerro Mariposa". It combines wine, sustainability and art with a breathtaking view over Valparaíso directly to the sea. In other words, everything you can enjoy in life.

In the beginning was the wine

Even before the whole hotel was built in its present splendor, the idea of becoming a winemaker had been born. More precisely, over 18 years ago Grant came to Chile as a flying winemaker. Out of that he established an important name in the Chilean wine scene. When Grant became the boss of the Casablanca Valley, he moved to the port city of Valparaiso. Where after a few years the idea with the hotel arose and above all the hotel’s own winery.
With this idea he was not only the first hotel owner with his own winery in Chile, he was the first in the whole southern hemisphere.

Production of the WineBox wine

The production of the wine takes place during the transition months to the Chilean winter from April to mid-June. During these months, a variety of grapes is delivered to the WineBox. This variety ranges from Camenère Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Mouvedre to Petit Verdot. We receive the grapes from the 4 Valleys: Valley Maipo, -Leyda, -Colchagua and -Casablanca. Our focus is on the red wine and recently we launched the first Sparkle Wine. This Sparkle Wine can be enjoyed particularly well in the warm summer days on our Rooftop. And because our hotel is so unique, the process of making the wine must not be lacking in unusualness. Therefore we do not produce the wine alone in our winery. No! This wine is produced with the help of Bodypunching with our hotel guests. Each of our guests can be part of our wine production and get to know the winemaker feeling for one day. You got it right - if you thought you would have to climb with your whole body into a trough full of grapes and mate them with it. The result is the so-called "mash", a mixture of seeds, juice and the flesh of the grapes. The blending of the grapes before pressing is very important for the red wine because of the mash. It gives the wine a stronger color and enhances the taste. Next comes the fermentation step. During fermentation, the grape juice is converted into acid and gases. The fructose becomes alcohol when mixed with yeast bacteria. While transforming fructose into alcohol, the yeast bacteria dissolve more and more. Depending on how the wine is ultimately to be, it will sooner or later be processed by fermentation. The longer the wine is fermented, the drier it becomes. After fermentation, the wine is placed in a press, where the skins and seeds are separated from the mass. Finally we fill the wine into bottles to store it for approx. 18 months in the cellar of our hotel.

Sales, tastings and Tours to the Valley

In 2019, 9,000 bottles of wine were produced in the WineBox. 70% of these are served directly on the hotels rooftop. The other 25% are sold in bottles at the Hotel Reception. And maybe 5% are served in restaurants in Valparaiso and Santiago. That our guests know what they are buying, we offer wine tastings every day for 15,000 Chilean pesos (~22 USD). Since the wine tastings take place mainly with an amazing view over Valparaiso and with our winemaker and connoisseur Grant, they are worth every peso. If you still don't know which wine to choose after the tasting, you have the possibility to taste 350 more wines on our Rooftop. Further plans are a winemaker from the region, who offer you an even bigger assortment of wines in our upcoming restaurant and bar. We also offer tours to the Casablanca Valley, where the grapes grow before they become wine. For more information ask at reception when you arrive at the hotel.

How a winery can be sustainable

The whole process starts with the delivery of the grapes. The grapes are picked from plantations in Chile, some of them are just half an hour away from the hotel and brought them to the WineBox in beams. The whole production of the wine takes place handish or evenly with the bodies. No mechanical help is used and therefore the wine is not exported. The WineBox thus guarantees production with low CO2 emissions.
To bring it on the point, more CO2 is destroyed than produced during the entire production process, which means a negative carbon footprint for the environment. We are assuming that this is a world first. Since everything is so close and we do not export, or sell anything further away than Santiago, we eliminate labels, bottles, plastic etc. which would be necessary for the exportation. This is another way in which we contribute to sustainability.
We can say that by drinking a glass of wine in the Hotel WineBox, you contribute to the environment and help our planet.
Not to mention here all our sustainable projects in advance, you can find more information about them on our recycling page.